Colour Me Dusty

Title: Colour Me Dusty
Characters: Mostly Yunho, with a tiny bit of Changmin coming to say hello :P
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: The story is mine. Yunho and Changmin, to my eternal regret, are not.

Summary: Yunho tries to clean his house well, he really does. The universe just has a habit of conspiring against him.

A/N1: This started off as an imaginary scenario and spiralled into something a bit bigger. It's my very first attempt at writing fanfiction, so I'm sorry for any mistakes ^^ Comments are welcome!

A/N2: Thanks shriya_4 for pushing me to write this. You're my soulmate for a reason.

Yunho found the sound of the vacuum cleaner strangely therapeutic. It wasn’t exactly pleasant having to spend a rare day off cleaning his house, but he’d invited Changmin to come over later that day. One definitely does not invite the maknae of Dong Bang Shin Ki to a dirty house; at least, not if one doesn’t want to be scolded about it every day for the next week. Face coloring from the memory of Changmin’s last visit and his reaction upon discovering his 2 month old pile of laundry dumped in the spare bedroom, Yunho set to work with a will. He was going to make sure the house was squeaky clean before Changmin got there. Nothing would stop him now.

How very mistaken he was.

A wrong turn sent him tripping over the cleaner’s wire. Yunho reached out and held the only thing he could reach-the handle to the mouth of the cleaner’s suction joint. He managed to land the tip on the coffee table and catch his balance before falling flat on his face.  Heart thumping crazily, he breathed a quick sigh of relief, but was distracted by a new, rather alarmingly big scuff mark on his new coffee table. He rubbed the mark ruefully. Oh well, at least everything on the coffee table was where it was supposed to be. Schedule for the next week, a strange figurine he’d found in Thailand, the pinky ring Jaejoong had bought to give Jihye as a present….

Yunho gaped in horror. The ring was gone. He looked at the mouth of his cleaner in dismay. Oh well, he didn’t really have a choice. If he lost the ring before he even gave it to Jihye she would kill him. That was assuming that he survived Jaejoong’s wrath in the first place.

He carried the vacuum cleaner to a clear space in the middle of the room and sat cross legged on the floor, trying to open it up. The universe seemed to be conspiring against him today, because the cleaner simply refused to open. He stood up with a sigh, deciding to go get a knife to pry it open with. As he stood, the cleaner slipped from his grasp and landed on the floor with a loud clatter.
The good news? The vacuum cleaner was finally open.

The bad news? The dust bag had burst on impact and now there were dust clouds everywhere.

Changmin came running in at the noise. “Hyung are you….” Evidently Yunho had been so involved in his attempt to open the vacuum cleaner and rescue Jihye’s present, he hadn’t even heard Changmin come in.

Changmin looked at his hyung. Yunho looked back at him sheepishly, great big clouds of dust surrounding him, absolutely coated in brown dust from head to toe.

They looked at each other for a long moment, while the dust clouds began to settle down.
Changmin began to chuckle, which quickly turned into the body-shaking, hands-clapping version of uncontrollable laughter that was so uniquely Changmin.

“Only you, hyung. Only you”
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He's adorably hopeless. <3

Thank you for commenting, Cookie. You're the best \o/

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Hahahahaha! xD poor Yunho LOL I can definitely see this happening ;D and Changmin's full body laugh is always hilarious haha!

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Yunho is adorably hopeless. <3

Lol I tend to laugh like that when I'm really amused, so I completely emphatise with Changmin xD I've even fallen off chairs because I was laughing so hard.

Besides, Yunho must have been a sight to behold with all that dust xD

Thank you so much for commenting! ^^

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Just Yun's luck, but the image of him on the floor with dust covering everything is too adorable. Thank you!

He's lucky he didn't start sneezing the house down :P
Thank you so much for commenting! :)
I'd be ready to cry if that happened to me, I'm pinning the blame on the laughing hyena; good maknae's don't nag their hyungs endlessly about housekeeping:)Poor Yunho!
I'd like to think Changmin helped his hyung clean up and find the ring after he'd calmed down from his laughing fit :D

Thank you so much for commenting ^_^