The Date

Title: The Date
Characters: Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: JaeMin
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU

Disclaimer: The story is mine, the characters are not.

Summary: Changmin can't believe his luck at being asked out by Jaejoong.

A/N1: This is a continuation of Beautiful Stranger and The Second Meeting.

A/N2: I'm so sorry for taking forever and longer to update this fic, guys. My JaeMin muse absolutely refused to cooperate. I'm updating this as I've written it, so I'm sorry for any mistakes in advance.

A/N3: Comments and criticism are welcome! :)

Changmin groaned into his pillow as he tried to hunt for his phone on the bedside table without opening his eyes. A loud thud told him that he had succeeded in knocking his poor phone to the ground. Sitting up in bed, bleary-eyed, he finally reached down and picked it up, trying to figure out exactly which godforsaken person had thought fit to send him text messages at 3 in the morning. He gasped as he read the name, all thoughts of sleep forgotten. Of course it was Jaejoong.

Hey Changmin, are you still asleep?”

Changmin chuckled ruefully to himself as he typed out his reply. Jaejoong was really the most interesting person he’d ever met, and he’d only met him twice.

That’s what normal people do at 3 in the morning, you know. Anyway, I’m not asleep anymore, thanks to you.”

His phone pinged with an immediate response.

Oh? Am I keeping you awake? ;-)”

Changmin chuckled at his words, embarrassed and amused at the same time. “I MEANT THAT I WAS ASLEEP THANK YOU VERY MUCH”

Five seconds later, his phone buzzed again.

Want to grab dinner together tonight?”

Changmin stared at the message, desperately trying to not leap off his bed and dance around in a victory dance. “Be cool…,” he told himself, and typed “Yes.”

Great, see you tonight at 7 then ^^”

Changmin put his phone down again and fell backwards into his bed, staring up at the ceiling. Well, there went his plans to go back to bed. There was no way he was falling back asleep after Jaejoong had just asked him out.


Changmin looked up as Yunho walked into the kitchen, eyes barely open, grumbling about having to cook breakfast.

“Hyung, breakfast is ready. Have a seat.”

Yunho rubbed his eyes in disbelief. “Changmin-ah, you already cooked breakfast? But weren’t you going to sleep in today?”

Changmin smiled at his obvious confusion. “Well, I decided to cook breakfast as a nice surprise for you. Aren’t you touched?”

Yunho grinned back at Changmin and promptly knocked over an entire jar of marmalade on the dining table in his haste to sit down. He winced, waiting for a lecture on “OMG Hyung can you not look where you’re going” from Changmin, but there was silence, punctuated only by the tearing of paper towels from the towel roll.

“Here hyung, you can use this to mop that up,” said Changmin with a smile. Yunho looked up at him with eyes as round as saucers.

“Aren’t….aren’t you going to nag me?”

“Why, do you want me to?”

“NO! But you are behaving rather strangely this morning.”

“Let’s just say I have my reasons.”

“Reasons-AHA. Jaejoong asked you out, didn’t he?”

Changmin felt the beginnings of a blush begin on his cheeks and raised his chin, as if daring the blush to spread any further. “Well…yes, he did. And I said yes”

Yunho grinned in genuine happiness. “That’s such great news, Min-ah! Have a great time tonight”

“Thanks hyung”

“And make sure you tell me all the delicious dirty details about tonight too”

“HYUNG!!” Changmin gasped, face bright red, as Yunho grabbed an extra piece of buttered toast and walked out of the kitchen laughing.


Changmin stared at the clock for the 15th time in the last minute. It was almost time for his date with Jaejoong. Feeling his phone buzz in his pocket, he glanced down to read another text from Jaejoong.

Walk down to the bus stop where we met for the first time. I’m running a bit late, I’ll meet you there.

Changmin walked to the familiar bus stop, smiling at passerbys whenever he caught their eye. He couldn’t help it, he was just really happy. He sat down at the bus stop, and waited for Jaejoong to arrive.

Soon enough, he heard Jaejoong’s motorbike whizzing down the street, and looked up.

“Hi, sorry I’m late, got held up by stuff,” said Jaejoong.

Changmin simply stared at Jaejoong, mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. Jaejoong was was dressed in tight black jeans and a ripped black tshirt, with kohl outlining his beautiful doe eyes. His hair had been dyed to a beautiful blond. There was only one word to describe how Jaejoong looked. Sinful.

“Earth to Changmin?”

Changmin blushed and jumped up from his seat. “S-sorry, I was just a bit startled”

“Liar, looking at me made you lose your train of thought, didn’t it?” said Jaejoong with another of his characteristic smirks. “You’re really cute, Changmin,” he laughed, handing a second helmet to Changmin, as Changmin sputtered his half-hearted denial in embarrassment.

 “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see. Now hold on tight”

Changmin hugged the shorter man tightly as the motorbike zoomed down the street. He tried to keep his eyes open, but the cold wind soon convinced him otherwise. Closing his eyes, he buried his face into Jaejoong’s shoulder, trying to identify exactly what Jaejoong smelt like.

He was trying to decide between honey, musk and cinnamon, when the motorbike stopped.

Changmin let go of Jaejoong and got off the bike, looking around with a gasp of pure pleasure. They were at a secluded picnic spot which offered a scenic view of the entire town.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“ truly is. Thank you so much for bringing me here.”

“I haven’t forgotten about dinner,” laughed Jaejoong as he dug into the compartment under his seat. “I cooked Japchae. I hope you like it.”

Changmin turned back to Jaejoong, his surprise evident in his voice. “You cook?”

“Yes I do. Even punk rock bad boys have to eat, you know?”

Changmin laughed as Jaejoong looked back at him in mock indignation. “I can’t wait to eat it, I’m sure it must be delicious,” he grinned and walked forward to help Jaejoong set the food on the table.

The first bite of Jaejoong’s cooking had Changmin seeing stars. Jaejoong chuckled as he watched Changmin practically inhale half the food on his plate before surfacing for a breath.


“Gods, the best. The very best. Feed me like this, and I will fall in love with you.”

“Well…that’s what I’m hoping for.”

“This is seriously the food I’ve ever…wait, what did you say?” Changmin swallowed the food in his mouth as he stared at Jaejoong.

“I said exactly what you think I said, Changmin. I’m hoping to make you fall in love with me.”

“Ah…oh….ahh….” Changmin cursed at himself mentally for losing the ability to form a single coherent sentence.

Jaejoong smiled at him. “Well, what do you think? Will you date me?”

Changmin gave up on trying to speak coherently and simply nodded, eyes filled with wonder.

“That’s the reply I was hoping for,” said Jaejoong, and leaned forward to kiss Changmin thoroughly.

Changmin learned a very important thing that night: If Jaejoong’s cooking made him see the stars, his kisses made him see the whole universe.
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