Title: Rejuvenation
Characters: Yunho, Jaejoong,
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Drabble
Rating: G
Genre: Non-AU AU (if there exists such a thing OTL)

Summary: Jaejoong is about to get the biggest surprise of his military life.

A/N1: Heavily inspired by all the rumours flooding us about Yunho and Jaejoong's activities. I do hope all of them are true, because, seriously, it's about time that the two of them meet in public already.

A/N2: Credit to
Sara ( who made this lovely GIF I've used here. You're really amazing, Sara!

Jaejoong walked into the mess for breakfast, desperately trying to hide his yawns behind his hand.

“Rough night, Jaejoong-shi?” asked his friend in sympathy, holding out a bowl of rice.

Jaejoong mumbled his thanks and proceeded to empty about half the bowl in a single breath. “That just made me feel loads better. I finally understood why Changmin loves food so much,” he sighed. “Thank you for the food. Yeah, everyone in the band was up till about 3 am practicing for the music festival, and I had to stay up even longer to practice for the October event as well. I swear I will have to tape my eyelids open or something.” Jaejoong flopped his head on the table, exhaustion flooding his entire body.

“Jaejoong-shi, you’d better sit up. Our commanding officer is here.”

Jaejoong sat up with a monumental effort, struggling to look poised and aware as befit a soldier of the Korean army. He stared straight ahead, as the commanding officer of his division walked towards the podium situated at the head of the table.

“Everyone, listen carefully. We have fellow soldiers with us from the 26th division. They are here to collaborate with us and participate in the upcoming festivals. I expect you all to extend them every courtesy. Guests, please come in.”

Jaejoong watched as a line of soldiers marched in upon hearing the commanding officer’s words, and then rubbed his eyes as surreptitiously as he could, unable to believe his eyes. He could only see the backs of the new soldiers from the 26th division, but he was prepared to swear that one particular back looked extremely familiar to him.

“Thank you for your kind words of welcome, we hope to do our best here,” said a deep, very familiar voice.

Jaejoong dropped his chopsticks into his rice bowl with a loud clatter, which was fortunately masked by the sound of the new men saluting their commanding officer with a loud yell of “Loyalty!”

“Welcome, Squadron Commander Jung Yunho,” Jaejoong felt his eyes growing impossibly larger as he heard the words and watched as the soldiers turned around to face the men seated in the mess. He was finding it difficult to breathe as he struggled to move his gaze from the boots of the soldiers to look up at the beloved face he hadn’t seen in such a long time.

“Jaejoong-shi? Is something wrong?”

Jaejoong shook himself, trying to hold on to some semblance of poise. “Fine…I’m fine.” His eyes moved higher, immediately fixing on the one person he would always be able to point out, from even a million miles away.

Beautiful doe eyes looked into warm almond ones.

Jaejoong felt his cheeks bloom with colour and watched as Yunho gave him a tiny barely noticeable smug smile before marching back out of the mess hall.

“I hope they’re as good as their reputation,” muttered his friend.

“Don’t worry,” said Jaejoong in a daze. “Now that Yunho is here, life in the barracks is going to be a lot more fun.”

His friend looked up at him in surprise. “Do you know him then?”

Jaejoong was spared the necessity of answering the question by the sound of another soldier approaching their table.

“Private First Class Kim Jaejoong?”


“Our Squadron Leader has asked for someone from your division to assist him in his duties here, and your commanding officer suggested your name. Follow me, please”

Jaejoong leaped up immediately, all exhaustion forgotten.

“But Jaejoong-shi, weren’t you absolutely exhausted about five minutes ago?” said his friend, clearly surprised at the sudden energy with which he stood up.

Jaejoong smiled down at him, allowing his smile to reflect every bit of the happiness that had been flooding his body ever since he’d made eye contact with Yunho.

“Not anymore. I'm not. I’ve been rejuvenated.”
Yeah, you bet your pert ass your rejuvinated, Kim Jaejoong.

Super cute. I totally love this Military Verse.
Lol sudden burst of energy there, eh Jae? ;D not tired anymore but might have a hard time focusing (on anything but Yunho) hahaha xD cute^^

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One problem at a time! xD But I wouldn't call the inability to focus on anything but Yunho a problem exactly, hmmm.... xD
Thank you so much for your comment ^_^
SQUEALING LIKE CRAZY, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa /grins :D
First off, is the Commanding Officer a YunJae shipper too? Lmao. But tbh though, I wouldn't mind this happening in real life xD

“But Jaejoong-shi, weren’t you absolutely exhausted about five minutes ago?”
^ LMAO. That, my dear Soldier is called "The Yunho effect on Jaejoong" xD

This is really adorable! Thank you for writing this ^^
Hahaha, that is up to your interpretation x'DD He could have also suggested Jaejoong's name because he's the best among the recruits in his division too....or he could have done it as a ploy to get Yunho and Jaejoong together xDD

That is the Yunho effect on everyone tbh, but it's the most powerful on Jaejoong, for certain very obvious reasons xDDD

So glad you liked it!
Thank you so much for your comment ^_^
You put the biggest smile in my face with this fic, it's what I want to happen in real life.
That was brilliant, the best of the best!!!
Loved loved loved it!!!
Big hug!!!
Yay! I'm so happy that it made you smile :D
I really want it to happen in real life too :3
Glad it made you smile <3
Thank you for your comment ^_^
/hugs back/
aww~~jaejoong now go get your boost ;-)

thanks for sharing :)

Military has been good to these two. I do hope that through it, they'll finally meet. Very nice authorssi. I am rejuvenated as well. :)

It has indeed...especially in Jaejoong's case. He looks so much more healthy now, it makes me very happy. Yunho looks amazing as's like the army transforms them back to their teenage years.
I really hope that they meet too.
Glad you liked it <3
Thank you so much for your comment ^_^
I want to see them meet too :3
Glad you liked it ^_^
Thank you so much for your comment ^_^
It would be a crying shame if they didn't get to meet irl. I enjoyed reading this story.
I really hope they do get to meet. Come on (Yunnie)verse, show your magic!
Glad you liked it ^_^
Thank you so much for your comment ^_^
Nice!! You made another military fic! XD Jaejoong is so cute here. And Yunho, you smug leader-shi! I bet he loves making JJ blush when he looks at him. 😂
I just had to xD One look at that gif and my muses goy extremely overexcited and wouldnt let me focus on anything else until I wrote this xD
Jaejoong is a permanent qtipie and Yunho sometimes allows himself the fun of making his beautiful other half blush and get flustered xD
Glad you liked it ^_^
Thank you so much for your comment ^_^

Another amazing fic from you! :)) Rejuvenated indeed. Jaejoong, hold yourself tight. Haha. But I'm really hoping for them to meet irl. If not meet, maybe, just 'see' each other. ^^ I was imagining Jaejoong performing for the military band and Yunho is there.. watching him sing. /squeals I CAN'T WITH MY FEELS HAHAHAHA

I really hope they meet too :3 If all goes well, and the rumors are true, they should be together for at least a month at HQ, preparing for the festival. Come on (Yunnie)verse, do your thing!
Glad you liked it ^_^
Thank you so much for your comment ^_^
When it's come to Yunho, Jaejoong can move the mountains. A little fatigue couldn't stop him to go to his bear! Thank you for sharing
I have to admit I don't really read non AU YunJae nowadays, but them both serving in the army as members of the military band of their own base/unit made things quite interesting!

I don't know whether they were in touch secretly all along or they really were not in speaking terms with one another, but if it was like that I hope these new circumstances in army can help them sort things out finally!
Yeah, I agree....I hope they sort things out finally. Also, wouldn't it be nice to finally have a picture of them together that ISN'T photoshopped? :OO
Thank you for giving this story a try and thank you for your comment :)